About Us

About Tech Inception

Tech Inception Inc., a healthcare technology company, is laser-focused on clearly defined goal — To shift the paradigm in a healthcare sector.  First manifestation of this vision has been reflected in Geriatric Care which includes pharmaceutical as well as medical services. Distinct business/professional services have been spun off as subsidiaries to permit functional, operational and financial autonomy. Tech Inception provides technological and financial support to spur the growth of these subsidiaries. 

The intensive research and development that goes into every product and solution being engineered by Tech Inception is aimed at providing something meaningful and disruptive to businesses, healthcare professionals, and patients. Through the use of technology, we are eliminating the functional and communication silos among the providers operating at different levels of hierarchy within a functional entity to positively impact errors, efficiency, cost and most importantly – the therapeutic outcome. The next level of sophistication is achieved by weaving, again with the use of technology, upstream and downstream services into a seamless continuum across functional units while retaining their control and autonomy.

The bounties of this pursuit are multi-dimensional, and the beneficiaries are many – The patients, the healthcare providers, the businesses and the payers. We have successfully launched and operated this model in the San Francisco Bay Area and we are now gearing up to expand beyond Bay Area, and California.

Meet the team that made it possible

With an impressive management team and a highly experienced advisory board, Tech Inception has stepped into a gap in the healthcare marketplace by introducing a game-changing solution.

Naweed Muhammad, MS, RP

Co-Founder & CEO

With an impressive management team and a highly experienced advisory board, Tech Inception has stepped into a gap in the healthcare marketplace by introducing a game-changing solution.

Kashif Ali, MS, MBA

Co-Founder & COO

Kashif Ali brings over 25 years of experience in technology and business development. In the technology sector, he has developed several products involving embedded and hardware design.

Dr. John Obegolu

VP Clinical Operation

John Obegolu has extensive experience in process improvement, consulting and teaching, with a focus on the healthcare industry. In everything he does, John strives to create a culture of constant quality improvement.

Victorina Perez

Medical Director

Dr. Victoria Perez Hoffman, an internal medicine specialist has over 36 years of experience in the field. She greets each of her patients with care and professionalism.

Harlan L. South

Alternate Medical Director

Dr. South an internist & a primary physician is a renowned educationist as well as a pioneer of medical field. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University.

Raheel Bodla

Business Coach

Raheel has a vast experience in Management Consultancy & Supply Chain management. An MIT Alumnus he has worked on $250M Tesla Model-X Assembly Line and his most notable

Meet the Advisory Board

Akif Malik

Podium VC

Akif Malik manages Podium VC and also serves as the managing partner as well. He has approximately two years of expertise as a pioneer in technology

Michael Samardzija, PhD


Dr. Samardzija is a scientist as well as an intellectual property attorney with over 28 years of experience in the life sciences and clean technology sectors.

Bryan H Baughman

Hospice Specialist

Bryan, A leading name in hospice industry has been successfully leading the development of multiple hospice programs from scratch. .

Professor Bahram Ravani, Ph.D.


Dr. Ravani is Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Davis, California (since 1987). He is also Director, (CITRIS), UC Davis.