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To address the needs of the senior population, we are providing technology-based solutions for pharmaceutical and medical care. We have established several independent entities to cover a broader spectrum of services to address that. In that regard, we have found a pharmacy business, a Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) company, and a Hospice agency. As a parent company, Tech Inception identifies opportunities, establishes business and technology feasibility, initiates R&D work, and eventually spins off the project as a subsidiary to allow for operational and financial independence and responsibility. This model has produced three successful companies, working independently and in a symbiotic fashion.

TIB Pharmacy is about more than just filling prescriptions. Beyond the simple act of transferring and filling prescriptions, we aim to educate, inform and assist our patients with all their health-related issues and questions. Backed by a staff of experienced pharmacists and technicians, our pharmacy is unique in its focus, offering professional guidance, health screenings, routine immunizations, and more to our valued patients. We are simply on a mission to change the face of the local pharmacy and look forward to being a trusted resource for our patients. We are ready to scale up and start a Pharmacy franchise business to replicate the success throughout the USA.

A contemporary pharmacy’s business and technological setup intertwines with PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Manager). This entity tailors the scope of services, access points, and cost for the pharmacy services beneficiaries – patients and business clients. Therefore, a pharmacy alone cannot fulfill all the needs of a business client or patient. Spectrum provides comprehensive and coherent solutions, including cost & formulary management, service access options, clinical support, education, pharmaceutical care reporting and analytics, and regulatory compliance support.

The vision and ambition at Melodia Hospice and Home Health are to offer exceptional, patient-specific care that is unparalleled to anything currently offered in the USA. Melodia distinguishes itself by its state-of-the-art tools, multi-disciplinary approach, and seamless, comprehensive care delivery. Under Melodia, we will not only provide the conventional care that a hospice patient needs but also heavily focus on non-conventional services like music therapy to take hospice patient care to a new level.

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About Us

Tech Inception Inc., a healthcare technology company, is laser-focused on a clearly defined goal — Shifting the healthcare sector paradigm. The first manifestation of this vision reflects in Geriatric Care which includes pharmaceutical and medical services. Specific business/professional services have been spun off as subsidiaries to permit functional, operational, and financial autonomy. Tech Inception provides technological and economic support to spur the growth of these subsidiaries.