Director, Pharmacy Network

Director, Pharmacy Network

The Pharmacy Network Business Director is responsible for determining and delivering the business strategies and finance activities of the Pharmacy department. Understanding of health system and policies, and displaying a high degree of an initiative for independent judgment. The pharmacy director will continually assess and direct all issues including operational, personnel, budget-related, analytical, facilities and systems issues, programmatic development, long-range planning and project development with departmental and organizational leadership. The Pharmacy Network Business Director will work with clinical and non-clinical staff members to execute operational and financial matters through the relationship between pharmacy and supply chain. Acquire proper knowledge related to health care reimbursement and compliance, finance, and contract management.

Primary Responsibilities:

Examining, evaluating and reporting of a financial department within the organization are the main responsibilities of the Pharmacy Director. Handles pharmacy cost center to attain target within budget. Prepares monthly audits and summarize budget variances. Review the financial management policies and procedures. Coordinate with other hospitals, departments and interdepartmental ambulatory clinics on annual budgeting. Lead the department for planning and implementing strategic policies. Support business plans and financial modeling projects. Work with staff and Planning Office to support ongoing space needs and construction projects. Handle annual budget across the pharmacy enterprise. Estimates drug revenue and expense to assist in budget planning. Responsible for identifying targets collaboratively. Work with data analysts on operational, financial, and drug utilization analytics data dashboards that assist the pharmacy leadership team, department, and organization Responsible for the profit/loss of pharmacy. Serves in different areas, as a liaison for pharmacy, supply chain, contracting, business development and finance. Performs tasks related to maintaining pharmacy cost centers; staying on target with budgetary goals, prepares monthly audits and summaries of budget variances. Support finance management policies and procedures.

Assist in leading department planning, submission, and implementation of the capital request process.Evaluate and audits all, charges, revenue and accounting.Participate in strategic planning, development and execution of assigned goals. Identify and develop business cases for pharmacy services regarding anticipated future needs, practice advancement and organizational priorities for inclusion in the department strategic plan. Assist in designing and manipulating innovative solutions for pharmacy processes. Take initiatives to increase the efficiency of the pharmacy supply chain workforce. Manage space planning, remodeling and transformation of assigned tasks. Coordinates with residents and pharmacists in planning/project management as a team. Provide direction and support to all team members. Work as a pharmacy representative and organization quality improvement agent. Select and utilize quality improvement methods to maximize project outcomes. Provide leadership and expert opinion to resident major projects. Change management tools and theories sensibly. Assist pharmacists with strategies, to advance innovative research, education and project ideas.

Coordinate regularly with internal and external customers. Communicate issues independently with the pharmacy division leaders. Negotiate with multiple departments like Supply Chain Cell, Office of General Counsel, Finance, and other agencies to ensure their efficient working. Review pharmaceutical drug manufacturing rebate assessment and processing. Lead on special projects regarding Pharmacy’s creative, effective and innovative processing to ensure the timely working of the units. Coordinate with different fields of pharmacy care as, delivery in line with strategic and quality initiatives, service line priorities, policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements. Execute all functions such as Designing, implementing, and driving agendas to meet internal and external communication.

Execute all projects according to management standards and by following the right procedures. Such as Documentation for projects, reporting of detail performance, data analysis and evaluating overall departmental progress. Navigate and resolves project issues. Act as liaison with other areas of the institution for the welfare of Pharmacy. Maintains and promotes a professional relationship with all stakeholders. Communicates all matters related to the planning, designing and executing of initiatives. Work collectively with a variety of stakeholders to see projects as a successful plan. Moreover, Monitor, maintain, update, pursue communication platforms and instruments representing all areas of Pharmacy services via newsletters and project updates, SharePoint, brochures, etc. Incorporate effective communication around all projects to a variety of stakeholders (including physicians and Executive leaders).

Inspects the staff and classifies adequate staffing levels, evaluating, managing performance, coaching and developing employees ensuring employee productivity, quality of work, and alignment of goals with mission, vision, and values. Ensure compliance with all financial schemes for integrity, development and maintenance of department budget.

Introduce new projects and rollout useless plans. Implement strategies, formal business practices, and incorporates technology to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and bottom-line results. Responsible for project management support, event planning, project equipment, tracking tools, online meeting tools, technology equipment and reporting tools, etc.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from a well reputed College of Pharmacy

Master’s Degree MHA/MBA/MFA/MSHSP


Working experience in

PGY2 or 5-6 years of work experience

2 -3 years of experience in healthcare finance


Registered Pharmacist (RPh) must obtain license within 90 days after hiring