Hospice Clinical Manager, RN

Hospice Clinical Manager, RN

TechInception is looking for a Hospice Clinical Manager, RN. The Clinical Manager should be well qualified professional and well experienced. The Clinical Manager may also perform administrative tasks. The Clinical Manager participates in all activities related to providing professional services like establishing criteria of qualifications and assignment of personnel. The alternate of the clinical Manager with similar qualifications must be available at all times during the operating hours of the organization.

The primary role of the Clinical Manager is to participate in the development of administrative policies and procedures relating to the Agency. Provides directions regarding the implementation of approved work methods and procedures that show essential ingredients towards rendering high-quality care. Assures the professional standards of community nursing practice are well maintained by all nurses.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities:

Inspects and reviews existing clinical policies and practices to evaluate the productivity of current methods designed for professional staff to carry out their responsibilities and achieve goals.

Participates in all seminars regarding reviewing, analyzing and appraisal of the effectiveness of the total agency program. Explains and transmits policies of the governing body to the professional staff to ensure compliance with policies.

Maintains ongoing liaison between governing body and the IDG Committee.

Interpret job classifications and job descriptions of professional team members.

Assist in formulating salary structures for professional personnel.

Plan a team of qualified, well-organized staff to provide care for the needs of the patients.

Establish staffing patterns that highlight the quality and quantity of different professional personnel necessary to plan. Supervise the care rendered to patients and families.

Set methods for coordination of care by all disciplines.

Strong leadership abilities try to promote and maintain standards for providing quality care by all members of the patient care team.

Supervises and teaches to improve practice within the Agency.

Assures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Communicate with the Medical Director to ensure matters relating to patient care services.

Time to time observe policies related to patient care with Medical Director / Administrator.

Encourage staff grooming by utilizing abilities of nursing and paramedical personnel in the development of orientation and staff empowerment plans – Pointing leadership qualities and offering opportunities for leadership training and development – Promoting and helping personnel to continue self-improvement through formal education and active participation in professional organizations.

Take apart and encourages cooperation between educational institutes and community agencies to provide a quality educational experience for students.

Gives further evaluation of the program by checking service policies and functions, advising proposals for changes and study problems, which affect the Agency.

Monitoring the working of staff in the program with respect to the present standards and the staff’s professional development.

Evaluating work performance and usage of assets in planning for professional growth.

Evaluating the whole service program with respect to Agency aims and community requirements.

Facilitates as a member of the Utilization Review and Performance Improvement Committees.

Facilitates as a member of the IDG Committee.

Take a part in local organizations and activities related to the medical professions and community health care services.

Takes a part in State and national organizations, meetings, conferences, workshops, and projects related to the medical professions and health care services

Supervises staff health plan

Keep criterion records in the electronic medical record, tracking date of referral and date of admission

Performs clinical audits of patient electronic health data and informs clinicians of any missing or insufficient data to remain in compliance with regulatory and clinical needs.

If the supervising nurse meets the qualifications and standards of an administrator, he/she may also be the administrator of an agency.

Be available to the agency at all times in person or by telephone.

Accessible to the agency at any time either in person or by telephone.

Participate in projects related to services furnished, that involves the development of qualifications and assignment of agency personnel.


Graduate from a well-reputed school of professional nursing

Preferred Skills/Experience

One year of experience as a registered nurse within the last 3 years

Registered Nurse licensed in the state of practice or comparably with the Board of Nurse Examiners rules for Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

One year experience of supervising or administrating

Current driving license and automobile in well working condition with proof of auto insurance

Prior experience in managing new referrals from the first contact through the admission

Show a broad base knowledge of medical nursing and expert clinical skills

Be accessible at any time, either in person or on the telephone to look after-hours administrative on-call responsibilities

Advanced Computer skills including use of Word, Excel, report software, and Outlook

Excellent verbal and written communication skills to show leadership qualities