Naweed Muhammad, MS, RPh

Co-Founder & CEO

Naweed Muhammad is pharmaceutical scientist/executive as well as a registered pharmacist in the states of California and Arizona. He spent more than 14 years in drug research and holds more than 10 patents/patent applications around noteworthy innovations in pain management and drug design. Most recently, he has worked as a consultant in pharmaceutical R&D besides practicing as a pharmacist. Previously, he held a position as a director of pre-clinical R&D department at Vapogenix, Houston, Texas. Prior to that he was a senior research scientist at Neurogesx in San Mateo, California (a start-up that became a public company) where he was on the R&D team which developed Qutenza®. His experience in drug research includes opportunities to work with several research organizations around the globe including 3M, Harvard University and SRI International. One of his patented inventions has successfully completed phase-II clinical studies and is ready to move to phase-III clinical trials. He is also credited with designing abuse-resistant narcotic analgesic prodrugs (patent issued) and solving the decades-old solubility problem of acetaminophen through a novel prodrug molecule design – a technology platform that is applicable to a large number of drug moieties besides acetaminophen (patent issued).
Mr. Muhammad holds a BS pharmacy degree from Punjab University, Lahore, an MS chemistry degree from California State University, Sacramento.